Kiss! Csók! Cúk! (pt.1)

Welcome to Etymartist: the heart and szóríng* of words.

And what better way to start off than by offering you three friendly kisses (on the cheek, of course) for the price of one? 🙂

The post’s title showcases the word ‘kiss’ first in English, then Hungarian (or Magyar, as natives call their language and themselves) and finally Lepcha (or Róng ríng, as natives refer to theirs).

Kiss! Csók! Cúk! …(on the Cheek!)

I hope you’ll agree that it’s a good way to start.

These three cognates showcase how even seemingly disparate languages are, at the heart, very related. (These three languages will also take the spotlight here at Etymartist, especially the latter two.)  Continue reading “Kiss! Csók! Cúk! (pt.1)”